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Csikszereda town

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Constrcted among the montains, a little bit isolated but all the more beautiful nature with there is Csikszereda.Lie under the hargita montain and almost sorruanded just by montains like is typical in this countryside and that’s why it is the coldest side of transylvania.But I can generalize for all Romania too ,in a word the cold air get nipped here and for a while don’t wants to go anywhere.That might be freaky forthe other people , but who is living here for szekely people is just a normal thing.Like here is a phrase “in winter time the szekely doesn’t feel cold and summer time doesn’t feel hot”.Sorruanding Csikszereda and for long time ago it belongs to the city tree little villageis but I got to tell you that before fluxing the villageis separatly were much bigger than the town was.But with the time fluxed with csikszereda and that’s why the town look like this today.Csiksomlyo is one of the bigest farewell walkway place in transylvania,and the worlds bigest blessed virgin sculpt is here in Csiksomlyo’ s church.A year hundresds of people came here just to see it or to touch it, and for that Csikszomlyo is a famous place and before starting to talk about something else there is also a mineral water source underway up to the saddle.the other two isn’t it s0 important Taploca and Zsogodfurdo there are also some mineral water sourceis with good water quality.Rewardable to mention Zsogodfurdo’s thermal-spring beach too, the beach in Csikszereda we could say that is the cleanest and the most beautiful one.There are some other beaches too, I can tell you that te pools are not normal size but who cares if the beach is ot so perfect, It’s summer time if somebody wants to swimm it will be perfect for them to enjoy themselves and everything is fine.Another  famuos thing here is the Miko Castle.Late renaissance age regular square planed castle,and aslo in the castle is functioned the Csiki-Szekely museum.The town also have a bigger and a smaller park where you could chillout if you want to.

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past and present,nightlife,pleasue-graunds

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  • Salata it was not just a club ,pub whatever… was something special in it.At the beginning I heard something about a cool place, where you can listen and dance to the music what u love i mean if u are a drum & bass or breakbeat fun because in Csikszereda that’s the place what you should search for,one year ago because now it is working as a cofee and gots the name beszter its so funny.Whan i remember the old times in salata the partys the peolpe there, cause it was like a big family and doesn’t matter who you are how old are you, where you came from… if you enjoy the music you are part ofthe family. The most popular dj there was a guy Szocs Tamas as dj Goranga he’s such a crazy guy and not just a dj a party animal too,whan he gets bored of mixing music,he did made a playlist and jumped to the dance floor,and celebrate with the uder people…i think that’s a speciality and opposit with uder djs some music I call it “salata feeling”(1,2,3 it’s tree different songs andthe last party there balkan party), its just a legend now so let’s tlak about uder pubs clubs where you should go if you are in Csikszereda and you want to chill out meet peolple and so on.
  • Mojo is a pub almost like salata people said this but i don’t think so but lets say it’s also nice place with nice people just the design of the place and some uder little differences.
  • If you want just a cofee and chill out listening pleasent music i can order you the Palermo cofee, it is vrey small and if you find free slots there u are a lucky one,because it’s beloved by the rest of the people who have good taste,but try it i hope u’ll be lucky one:).

Menyhárt Tamás report

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“Now I realised what’s the point about art,the main thing about art is that do it honestly,and whan you are straining a little bit ,is not art anymore.

80% of present-day artists are straining ,cause interlock tooth and nail thereto that is him,he found it,and NOT  ” Menyhart Tamas youtube video